An Esthetician Passion for Skin Science Education

If you are interested in a competitive and advanced esthetician education   , then the Skin Science Institute is looking for a Spa Director. This position is ideal for someone who thrives on a fast-paced environment, has a passion for problem-solving, and is eager to learn more about the skin care industry. The Spa Director will be responsible for the scheduling and management of students, as well as receiving and processing monthly student orders and inventory. She will also oversee the ordering of necessary skin care products for the Student Spa.

Lauren is an Esthetician

Lauren is an Esthetician with a passion for skin science education. She has a background in Internal Medicine and aesthetics, and provides a safe approach to aesthetics. Her goal is to enhance her patients’ natural beauty while focusing on health and wellness. Her mission is to provide her clients with customized services and education that satisfies their needs and desires.

Associate’s Degree in Nursing

Lauren graduated with an Associate’s degree in Nursing from the University at Buffalo and began her career in skin care in 2010. She continues to pursue her education by attending conferences and trainings for esthetics. She enjoys helping people and has a passion for skin science. Lauren takes her time to learn about her clients and strives to provide them with education and information they need to develop their ideal treatment plan.

Beauty Industry

Lauren has been in the beauty industry for four years , and discovered her true calling in skin care and makeup. She has trained under some of the best estheticians in the area , and specializes in enhancing a client’s natural beauty. Lauren’s favorite look is a bronzed, sun-kissed complexion. Lauren is passionate about skin care and believes that self-care is a vital part of overall health.

Certified in Advanced Techniques

Lauren is also certified in Advanced Techniques in Botox and dermal fillers. She is certified by the Esthetic Skin Institute, a nationally recognized institute for continuing education in aesthetic medicine. She is also a national trainer for novice injectors.

Toafia is an Esthetician

Toafia is originally from Holladay, Utah. She has been married for almost three years, and she is expecting her first child in March. She has always wanted to work in the beauty industry, and she is excited to help people feel better about themselves. When she’s not working, she enjoys working out, spending time with her family, and taking scenic drives.


Becoming an Esthetician is a rewarding career, and there are many options available to continue your education. Not only must you be knowledgeable about skin care products, but you must also be comfortable working with people. Many treatments involve applying massage or other techniques to different parts of the body. As a professional, you will never have a boring day. You’ll meet and help people from all walks of life.

Aveda Institute’s Esthetics

Become an Esthetician by completing an accredited training program. Aveda Institute’s Esthetics program teaches students how to be a skincare professional. It includes hands-on training, which is invaluable for a career in the skin care industry. Students are prepared for the demands of the industry, and the field is rapidly evolving.

Variety of Positions,

Estheticians can work in a variety of positions, including salons and spas. Others choose to open their own beauty salons or work as educators in dermatologist offices. Other opportunities include travel and cruise ship positions. Some Estheticians choose to focus on medical aesthetics, helping patients with serious conditions. Still others become beauty ambassadors, educating others and helping people feel better.

Baylee is an Esthetician

If you are interested in learning more about skin care, you should consider a career in esthetics. This field involves a variety of different skills, from knowledge of skin care formulas and ingredients to human anatomy and physiology. There are many opportunities for furthering your education as an esthetician, and the field is always evolving. There are many exciting aspects of this career, including getting to meet people from all walks of life.

 Esthetician License

Baylee is from Georgia, but has been living in Utah since 2013. She received her Esthetician license in 2022 and is currently working as an Aesthetic Assistant. Baylee loves helping people look and feel their best. She loves being outside, going hiking, playing sports, eating good food, and spending time at Sundance.

Instruction and Hands-On Practice

Training for this profession involves a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on practice. Students gain knowledge of skin care and advanced treatments by practicing on mannequins and real volunteers. The program typically takes six months and involves approximately 600 hours of hands-on training. It includes topics such as basic anatomy, human physiology, and sanitation. It also includes professional business skills.

Diagnose and Treat Skin Problems

An esthetician has many responsibilities. Aside from performing treatments for clients, they also diagnose and treat skin problems . A licensed esthetician can perform facials, chemical peels, and body treatments. Some estheticians specialize in specific procedures, such as microdermabrasion and dermaplanine


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