Best Services to Contractors Deal Mechanical Electrical Estimates

Best Services to contractor who deals with mechanical and electrical construction, you may want to hire an MEP Estimator. MEP Estimators are skilled professionals who specialize in time management and project deadlines. While manual estimating is possible, it is inefficient and subject to errors.

Services to Contractors Deal Mechanical Electrical

MEP Estimators are responsible for preparing accurate takeoffs of industrial construction projects. They take into account all the factors involve in a project, including location, logistics, and hidden costs. To complete an estimate, the estimator will use the latest estimating software such as FastDUCT, Planswift, and FastPIPE. Their services are cost-effective and provide quick turnaround times.

Estimating Costs for a Construction Project

When estimating costs for a construction project, the scope of work is divided into the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements. Each of these systems includes the cost of equipment, materials, and labor. These elements are then added up to get the total cost of the construction project. Advance technologies are use to make these calculations, so you know exactly how much you’re spending on each element. MEP Estimators can provide detailed cost estimates to contractors so they can make sure their project stays within budget.


Provide a Variety of Takeoff Services

MEP Estimators also provide a variety of takeoff services for contractors dealing with the mechanical and electrical components of a building. These include low-voltage equipment, sheet metal, and duct insulation takeoffs. They also provide services for fire protection, water supporter pumps, and signage.

Latest Estimating Software

Expert MEP Estimators have the experience necessary to create accurate and detailed construction estimates. They also have a thorough understanding of the various construction problems that come up and are able to use the latest estimating software. This helps them to avoid conflicts between estimates and ensure a functional final design.

Magicad is the Leading (BIM) Software for MEP Takeoffs

MagiCAD’s subscription licensing model provides fixed-term usage of the software. It includes access to the latest main release of the software and its update releases. It is available in six-month, twelve-month, and thirty-six-month contracts. The subscription licenses are available for MagiCAD Electrical, Ventilation, and Supports & Hangers. There are educational licenses for MagiCAD as well. Educational licenses are full-featured and are available for twelve months.


The software enables engineers to create accurate MEP takeoffs. The software supports design workflows and includes time-saving productivity tools. It also includes comprehensive UK-compliant integrated calculations and always-up-to-date manufacturer content. It goes beyond the standard features of Revit, allowing engineers to create usable mechanical and electrical outputs. It offers a wide range of tools for creating and configuring pipe systems, switch ranges, and more.

Advanced Design Functions

MagiCAD is the number-one BIM software for MEP design in China, the Nordics, and Russia. Its advanced design functions and configurable printouts make it a favorite of MEP designers. MagiCAD’s online library of more than one million real-world MEP product models contains complete dimensions and technical data.

System Manufacturers

Optimising MEP systems early in the design phase improves the building’s energy efficiency and reduces water and electricity costs. It also allows building system manufacturers to integrate into the BIM ecosystem. This improved efficiency benefits stakeholders long after the construction phase is complete. Moreover, with an accurate BIM model, stakeholders can interact with the building, provide feedback and even virtually tour the building.

MEP Estimates are Easily Manipulated by Customers

One of the biggest problems with mechanical electrical estimates is that they’re easy to manipulate. While it’s common to give a customer a quote based on the number of fixtures on a particular job, this can lead to inaccurate costs. For this reason, many contractors use the per-point method instead. This method counts each fixture as a point and assigns a common dollar value to it. While this method is simple, it can lead to inaccurate estimates because labour can vary widely between jobs.

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