Dinosaur Universe – Dinosaur Accessories for kids

If you’re looking for dinosaur accessories, you’ve come to the right place. This page features an interactive dinosaur book and 12 plastic Dinos to play with. The book has rumbling sounds and buttons that correspond to the pictures of each dinosaur. This way, your child can explore the world of dinosaurs in a new way!

Lego T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition

This LEGO Jurassic World gift set contains a buildable T. rex skeleton model, drawing board, and a baby Triceratops figure. It’s a great gift for fans of the film series, and will delight young dinosaur fans, as well as dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Sticker Sheet

The model comes with a sticker sheet that explains how big the T. Rex was, compared to a minifigure, and shows where it roamed during its time. The skeleton can be displayed on a stand with the help of a special attachment.

Suitable for Ages 7

This set is suitable for ages 7 and up. The main focus of the museum is the large T. rex fossil, which is built from a mix of basic elements and recolored pre-existing MouldsZ. The set also includes two minifigures – Owen Grady, the familiar minifigure, and Darius, a new minifigure with a t-shirt and double-sided face.

Li’l-Gen Interactive Sound Book

The Li’l-Gen Interactive Sound Book Dinesaur Universe is a fun way to teach kids about dinosaurs. The set includes a book and 12 realistic-looking toy dinosaurs that you can push buttons on to hear their sounds. This interactive toy can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and is an excellent choice for the whole family.

Toddlers and Preschoolers Alike

This interactive sound book is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers alike. There are over 130 songs to choose from, including songs about dinosaurs, dragonflies, and food. Your child can assemble and disassemble the dinosaurs as they learn more about the world around them.

Li’l-Gen Interactive Dinosaur Egg

This interactive dino egg game is a great way to teach your child about dinosaurs while they have fun. The stuffed dino is packed with fun activities that promote early math skills, motor skills, and social skills. It also includes 12 realistic-looking toy dinosaurs that your child can manipulate with buttons. The stuffed dinos also features a sound book and an ebook about dinosaurs.

dinosaur accessories


Li’l-Gen’s dinosaurs come with realistic features, textures, and colors. The pieces are large enough for little hands to hold them and have fun mixing and matching. They can even move their limbs.

VTech Count and Chomp Dino

The VTech Count and Chomp Dino is a fun game that includes a light-up head button. It’s also got a disc in the back that plays over one hundred different sounds. The light-up head button triggers a question-and-answer game.

Toy Helps Toddlers

This toy helps toddlers learn colors, shapes, numbers, and food. It’s designed with fun songs and melodies to help little ones learn these important skills. The Chomp and Count Dino comes with a number of learning features, and your child will love using it.

Educational Toy

The VTech Count and Chomp Dino is an educational toy that teaches kids to count and learn colors. The light-up head button plays a question-and-answer game, and the disc on the back makes over 100 different sounds.

Jumbo Dino Egg

A dinosaur egg toy is an interactive toy that is center around education. Some of these toys feature facts and information about dinosaurs that can be helpful to children learning about evolution. These toys often include fact cards that show different pictures of dinosaurs and their characteristics. The information find on the cards can help children learn about dinosaurs and their behavior.

Each Jumbo Dino Egg toy

Each Jumbo Dino Egg toy has a different model of a dinosaur inside. There are 12 different dinosaurs, and children can create them by breaking the egg’s shell open and excavating the material inside. The toy comes with a mallet, brush, and chisel, as well as fact cards that describe each dinosaur.

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