Emmett Suppliers Everything Textile Industry Needs Succeed

Emmett Suppliers provide everything the textile industry needs to succeed. Their wide array of products includes everything from fabric cutting machines to complete textile finishing systems. Emmett is known worldwide for providing quality products and services at competitive prices. The company’s goal is to help customers meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

Emmett was a Lawman

Emmett Suppliers provides everything the textile industry needs to make a profit, from raw materials to finished products. The company has been in business for over 70 years and has the most comprehensive catalog of textile equipment on the Internet. The company has a large network of partners, including many leading manufacturers of textile machinery.

Sewing Machines

Emmett Suppliers is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make your business a success. From sewing machines to dye-bath materials, Emmett has it all. From looms to sewing machines, we can provide you with a custom solution.

Excellent Source for all Sorts of Tools

Emmett Machinery is an excellent source for all sorts of tools and machinery for any business, industrial or recreational. You can find everything from CNC routers to milling machines and everything in between. They have a very comprehensive Web site with information on their Products, Suppliers, and more.


Web Site

Emmett Machinery is a leading UK supplier of sewing equipment and workroom consumables. The company sells eisenkolb sewing machines, sewing accessories, and bulk supplies. It is the only company in the UK that sells eisenkolb machinery.

Ontario Science Centre

Emmett’s inventions can find in many public places, including a mosaic in Hemel Hempstead’s NCP car park. The Basildon New Town commissioned the Cats Cradle Pussiewillow III clock, and the inauguration held in 1981 by Mayor Michael Bentine. Emett’s work has feature at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Many of his creations are also available for viewing at the Ontario Science Centre. The Centre regularly displays restored working pieces of his work.

 Industrial Equipment Suppliers

Emmett Machinery Ltd is an industrial equipment supplier and sewing shop that can be found at Christie St in Stockport, Cheshire. They accept credit and debit cards and have received 2 reviews from customers. They also offer online ordering. If you are interested in learning more about what Emmett Machinery can do for you, check out their website or read some of their reviews.

Emmett’s Sacrifice

Emmett Suppliers are the people to go to when you need anything in the textile industry. Their complete line of equipment includes everything from sewing machines to industrial yarn mills. They also offer custom and contract sewing services, as well as machine-to-machine finishing

Emmett Member of the Dalton Family

Emmett was born in Missouri, a son of Lewis Dalton and Adeline Younger. His father was a saloonkeeper, and Adeline was forced to raise 15 children during the American Civil War and Reconstruction. The family lived in the Missouri prairie towns of Coffeyville and Cass county, and later the Oklahoma Indian Territory. The brothers Emmett, Bob, and Grat became lawmen after their brother Frank’s death.

Emmett was a Posse Man

After working for a number of posses, Emmett Dalton began a career as a cowboy. He lived near the Pawnee Agency in present-day Osage Nation. There he met fellow cowboys Bill Doolin and William St. Power (alias Texas Jack). Emmett became a member of the Emmett Gang, which was known as the Dalton Gang.


We are the UK agent for eisenkolb, providing eisenkolb machinery and parts for your business we supply high-quality brass eyelets for curtains, drapes and other textile applications. Our brass curtain eyelets are available in an assortment of colours, quantities, and sizes.

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