Hers Review – Access to Prescription Products Medical Advice

Hers is an online health and wellness platform that provides access to prescription products and medical advice. Its services cover a variety of healthcare concerns, including mental and sexual health. Hers does not accept insurance, HSA, or FSA accounts, but does offer free delivery of prescriptions. After creating a profile on the Hers website, users can submit credit card details and government-issued identification to receive prescriptions. Once approved, the website will connect the user with a health care professional.

Hers is a One-Stop Shop for Many Healthcare Concerns

Hers is an online health care provider that houses a variety of healthcare products and services in one place. Users simply create one account and then have access to a variety of services. These services range from prescriptions to over-the-counter medicines. Users can even access an online physician.

Healthcare Solution for Women

This company offers a one-stop healthcare solution for women. Its services are user-friendly and affordable. Women can also customize their care through the company’s telehealth services. According to a survey, women who use the Hers telehealth services are more satisfie with the quality of care received.

Price for a Primary Care Visit

The price for a primary care visit at Hers is $39, which is low compares to other similar services. Some companies charge as little as $25, while others cost upwards of $75. Moreover, patients aren’t require paying for a monthly membership to access the service, which is a plus. In addition to that, Hers’ hair care and skincare products are competitively priced, so customers can save a lot of money.

It Offers Telehealth

Hers offers telehealth services to help people who can’t visit a doctor in person. Providers can answer medical questions and prescribe medications through the Hers website. The process can be fast and easy. Patients just need to fill out a questionnaire and the physician will respond within 24 hours.


Better Business Bureau

Hers is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. The company also has a stellar reputation on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 1.8 stars. The Hers website helps people connect with a healthcare professional, and they can get prescription products ships to their doorstep for free.

Online Consultations with Doctors

Hers also offers online consultations with doctors who are familiar with your medical history and current medications. The doctors assess your health condition and prescribe medication base on a medical intake form and photographs.

Offers Prescription Products

Hers is a website that offers prescription products and medical advice to people in need. The site features prescription products and advice for skin care, mental health, and sexual health. It does not work with insurance, FSA, or HSA plans, so customers must pay out of pocket. To use the site, users

Connect with Healthcare Professional

must create a profile and submit government-issued identification and credit card details. Once they have submitted all the information necessary, Hers will connect them with a healthcare professional. The site also offers prescription products with free delivery and a range of discounts.

Company’s Products

Hers offers prescription products and medical advice for women. The company’s products are scientifically proven to work and can help women improve their lives. In addition to prescription products, women can also purchase hair care and skin care products. Hers even has a prescription-strength anti-wrinkle cream that is back by a medical advisor.

It Offers Medical Advice

Hers is a medical website that offers access to prescription products and medical advice from a variety of healthcare professionals. Products and services range from skin care and well-being tabs to birth control pills and performance anxiety medication. The service does not accept insurance or HSA accounts. Hers allows patients to complete an online profile and matche with a healthcare professional who specializes in their particular issue. Once the appointment is complete, the provider will send the prescription right to the customer’s home or office.

Subscription Services

Hers is particularly focused on women, offering a range of health care products for women. Many of these are FDA-approved and have been proven effective. The convenience of using this site also allows women to avoid the hassles of waiting in long lines at doctors’ offices. Additionally, Hers also offers subscription services for a wide range of prescription products.

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