Virtualexpo Group Introduces Six New B2b Marketplaces

In an industry where online reputation is everything, the VIRTUALEXPO Group is launching six new B2B marketplaces. With this announcement, the Group hopes to help companies make better business decisions online. The group says that the financial crisis has made the need to sell products and services online even more urgent. It says that the digital B2B transactions will explode in the years ahead.

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With the recent financial crisis, more companies are turning to B2B marketplaces to make purchases. Among these is VirtualExpo. This new marketplace will help companies find the best products, find the best deals, and connect with the right buyers and sellers.

B2B Marketplaces

B2B marketplaces come in two main flavors. They can generalist or vertically focuse. A generalist marketplace may focus on many different business verticals and integrate tools and services that are specific to that sector.

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B2B marketplaces are a popular way to source products and services for businesses. According to research, more than 80% of business buyers use a B2B marketplace. They’re also becoming increasingly popular because they help businesses simplify the process of corporate purchasing. Today, more than 300 B2B marketplaces are available in Europe, up from just 20 five years ago.

Over 300 Employees

The VIRTUALEXPO Group has over 300 employees in France and is one of the world’s largest online exhibition service providers. With a unique e-commerce promotion platform, localized SEO and a variety of professional online trade shows, it offers businesses one-stop-shop solutions for foreign trade. VirtualExpo Group’s portfolio includes six B2B marketplaces that have over 40,000 online stands and almost 1.1 million products and services.

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Faire Vs Other Marketplaces

Among the many differences between Faire and other marketplaces is the power structure. While most marketplaces allow you to contact other brands directly, Faire puts brands in the power position and maintains a certain amount of control over the communication process. It controls which brands are display to retailers and how they transact. This gives Faire the power to influence the way brands are display, buy and sale.

Exclusive Marketplace Environment

Faire also offers an exclusive marketplace environment. Its marketplace allows you to sell products that are made by small, independent businesses, and has a diverse set of price ranges. You can search products by price, ship window, and lead time.

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In the B2B world, there are many ways to reach business customers. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to expand into new markets or a large corporation looking to expand its presence, there are many ways to connect with potential buyers. One of the most common ways to do this is through a B2B marketplace. These online marketplaces connect buyers and sellers of goods and services. They are designe to help businesses achieve their goals and meet their customers’ needs.


The VIRTUALEXPO Group’s six new B2B marketplaces are dedicate to a specific industry. The first is DirectIndustry, which is focuse on buyers, production and maintenance managers, consulting engineers, and more. The other four are focuse on healthcare and medical centers, including hospitals and physician purchasing professionals. Finally, NauticExpo, aimed at watersports enthusiasts, leisure boaters, and other recreational water enthusiasts, is a premier B2B marketplace for all these products. Through these online marketplaces, buyers can find out about the latest industry news, locate points of sale, request custom price quotes, and browse thousands of products from around the world.


The Virtual Expo Group has launched six new B2B marketplaces to reach the global medical community. These new marketplaces are targeted towards medical professionals, consultants, and production and maintenance managers. The six new platforms will provide buyers with a complete B2B product hunting experience and include industry news, local points of sale, custom price quotes, and access to thousands of products and services.

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